HSFC May 2015 Newsletter

The May 2015 issue of fishstories… is now available.

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Pyramid Lake Fish Out

This just in from Mike Phillips, Fishmaster for the Big P fish out:

Our April fish out will be at Pyramid Lake on Sunday, April 26. I have checked the weather numerous times this week and Sunday will be the calmest day in awhile thank goodness. I was going to camp there Thursday through Sunday, but the high winds forecast for Friday and Saturday changed my mind. The forecast for Sunday is sunny, low of 39, high of 65 with winds NNW at up to 10 mph. It is nice to have the wind in your face or to your side and water temps in the low to mid fifties. I will measure the water temperature when I get there. Taking into account the winds I am starting out at the rocks by Pelican Point. If it’s decent fishing I will stay. (If it isn’t I won’t leave there until after lunch.) Feel free to ask me for advice and a fly or two to use. The Pelican Point rocks area’s position in terms of the wind is not ideal, but the point will offer some protection if the winds do increase. It will also allow many of our members a chance to fish off the rocks or wade in shallow water. I am still going to bring my ladder. This year a number of fishermen at the rocks are using ladders because of the drop in water level. I have recently received some good reports on the rocks area by Pelican Point. One can also consider fishing the south or north nets area. With the winds coming from the north right handed caster will be okay. The nets is the big spawning area as most of you know and can be real good when conditions are right. I would recommend a ladder for the nets area. You can wade out and cast without a ladder, but a lot of your body will be in some cold water. The California fishing opener starts on Friday, so the fishermen will be reduced by 50% at Pyramid. We have tended to have a good turn out at this fish out with 20 to 30 club members showing up. For newcomers there will be several members to help you out. Fishing at the Big P is a social affair with fishermen right next to each other. If you have never fished there or seen it, it is a real treat. Those who want to eat lunch together and share fishing stories meet by the rocks near Pelican Point at 12:30 PM. It is bring your own food and drinks this time. Don’t forget to bring a chair.

In terms of the time to arrive at the Big P, I would recommend for the serious fisherman coming early or late. Early being 40 to 50 minutes before sunrise or around 12:30 for lunch and for the evening fish. I caught an eight pounder before sunrise several years ago at Pelican Point, and Peter caught his 13 pound fish around 3:00 PM by the rocks. Of course, you can arrive at 8 to 10 in the morning and still have a good chance of hooking up. Fishing from a ladder at the nets and wading by the rocks near Pelican tend to be the preferred method in late April and early May. At the nets you could employ two fly rods, one for indication with midges and another for throwing a shooting head or some type of sinking line with beetles and buggers. At the rocks, it is best to just indicate. Liz and Don are on top of what to use when it comes to flies and beetles, so seek their advice and ample stock of fly fishing supplies.

It will take approximately an hour and one-half to get to the lake. Take 395 north to Reno then get on the 395 expressway. Take it until you get to the McCarran exit. Turn right onto McCarran and take it to Pyramid Way. Turn left onto Pyramid Way and follow it to the lake. Make sure you head towards Sutcliff (north) once you come to the Pyramid Lake basin. If you are going to fish the nets take a right turn once you pass the abandoned ranger station trailer on your right. If you pass the town of Sutcliff on your right you have gone too far. You will see a dirt road off to your right take it if you head straight on it you will come to the north nets if you make another right you will be on a dirt road that takes you to the south nets. There should be signs to let you know the nets are near. Usually there are plenty of people around to help you if you get lost. If you want to fish the rocks continue pass Sutcliff which will be on your right and continue on the paved road until you see the Pelican Point sign on your right. Make a right turn onto the dirt road after the sign. Follow the dirt road and bear to the right passing the boat docks and trucks with boat trailers. You can park west of the large rock formations. The area is paved now and the parking situation is pretty nice. If you have any questions call me at home. My number is 265-4610. I hope to see you there.

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HSFC April 2015 Newsletter

The April 2015 issue of fishstories… is now available.

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