Save the Date: HSFC Annual Dinner March 14, 2015!

Save the date of Saturday, March 14, 2015 for the High Sierra Fly Casters’ annual dinner at the Tahoe/Douglas Elks Lodge in Gardnerville. Further information will be forthcoming at the January 14 general meeting.

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Help Save the Virginia Lake Urban Fishery

From NDOW Biologist Kim Tisdale:

Hello Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

I’m requesting your help in our effort to improve the Virginia Lake urban pond. What I’m asking will only take a few moments of your time but may help tip the balance of public opinion into our favor. For many years we (NDOW Fisheries) have been working to have the island in Virginia Lake removed because it provides roosting habitat for cormorants who inhabit the island in high numbers; cormorants are fish eating birds and are extremely efficient predators who manage to eat just about every fish that we stock into Virginia Lake (this was confirmed in a master’s thesis that was conducted in 2007). Removing the island will not have any detrimental impacts to the cormorants, it will just force them to disperse so they won’t be so concentrated in that one area. The proposal to remove the island created a huge backlash from the local birding community (the Audubon Society) and they have been showing up in force at public meetings in an attempt to stop the project … which is why I need your help.

The City has also developed a survey so you can provide your input even if you can’t make it to the public meeting (which most people won’t). If you want more information on the project, I’ve attached the flyer from the City of Reno which describes all the options (their main focus is improving water quality, ours is improving the fishery in addition to improving water quality). You can also call me to discuss if you have questions.

Here’s what you can do if you want to help …

Text (don’t call) 775-990-1585 and just type the letter “D”. They will send you two follow up questions: (1) What is your favorite recreational activity at Virginia Lake? (fishing, walking, bird watching, etc.); (2) What Ward do you live in? (for Reno residents) or if you don’t live in Reno (which is OK too). I included the Ward map below for your reference if you live in Reno; or find it at this link …

That’s it!

I realize that many of you do not frequent the urban ponds, but they are very important resources for NDOW and provide fishing opportunity for many people who, for whatever reason, are confined to an urban setting. They also take a lot of the fishing pressure off our fisheries that are most wild in nature, such as the Truckee River. Virginia Lake was at one time a very popular and productive urban fishery, NDOW would like to once again be able to provide this fishing opportunity to local anglers.

I encourage you to forward this on to anyone else you feel might be interested. For those of you involved in fishing clubs, please distribute to your members. The survey is open for one week. Thanks for your time and, as always, for your support!

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HSFC November 2014 Newsletter

The November issue of fishstories… is now available!

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